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    Today's potential leaders seek to understand the scope, complexity and interdependence of our community's organizations and institutions. In order to find the most effective means to bring about positive change, they must appreciate local assets, economic sectors and the relationships among interest groups.


    In keeping with its goal of improving the quality of life in our community, the Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce established a leadership program for adults in 1983. The Youth Leadership program, launched in 1996, is an outgrowth of that parallel learning process. Both programs are designed to set the stage for individual initiative and group problem solving. Fostering the potential for energetic leadership brings current and future leaders together, while providing them the opportunity to develop new skills — passing the torch to build our future.


    What is Youth Leadership?

     Youth Leadership is a program for high school rising juniors and seniors who attend Danville High School, Boyle County High School, Kentucky School for the Deaf, Danville Christian Academy or home-school. It provides a valuable opportunity for 20 young leaders to become familiar with the many components that form a strong and dynamic community. The experience is also designed to help students strengthen and improve their own leadership skills. The program is operated by the Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce.


    During the year, students will meet with their peers and become acquainted with a number of adult leaders in the community. Working with these contacts will allow participants to learn about and analyze issues important to the future of Danville and Boyle County. By sharing and discussing attitudes and opinions with others, students will gain a better understanding of differing life experiences.


    The program sessions allow participants to explore diverse aspects of the community. The first of the all-day sessions will be devoted to an orientation in September. Subsequent program days will be held once a month during October, November, January, February and March.


    Who Should Apply?

    You may excel athletically or scholastically, or you may not be so inclined. But there is one thing for sure: Your friends and peers look up to you and respect your opinion. Perhaps you’d like to do more. You feel you have something to offer your friends and your community. You are a leader. Now there is a program in Danville and Boyle County that gives you the opportunity to use and strengthen your leadership skills. It is not based on athletic ability or academic merit; it is based on character and interest in your community, a desire to shape ideas and attitudes in other people---leadership. You may not think of yourself as a leader, but if you are interested in improving your community and yourself, then you have something to offer.


    Youth Leadership
    Chamber of Commerce
    Fisher's Row 2
    105 E. Walnut Street, Danville, KY 40422


    Notification by letter will be sent to all applicants in August, 2023.


    Tuition and Funding

    The program is free. The only investments are your time and attention. All tuition will be sponsored by Farmers National Bank and Centre College.  For more information about the program, or to make a donation, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 859-236-2361, ext. 120.