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    The Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce has a gift certificate program that promotes the importance of buying from local businesses. The focus is to urge Boyle County citizens to buy the products and services within the county, benefiting our local economy. The program started with a concern that faces all small towns - competition from Lexington businesses, catalog and Internet shopping that takes customers away from local businesses. These local businesses pay local taxes to support our police force, school systems, sports teams and many other important organizations.

    The more money spent locally, the more our quality of life is enhanced. For every dollar spent in the community, it is re-circulated (18) eighteen times. The Chamber urges people to look locally to Boyle County business and surrounding businesses that are members of the Chamber.

    The Chamber is also continuing with its gift certificate program. This program allows anyone to come into the Chamber and purchase a gift certificate in the amounts of $10, $25, and $50 for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or special recognition for their employees. Participating Chamber members will redeem the gift certificates. A list of participating businesses will be included with the certificates. The certificates then will be presented to the Chamber for payment.

    • Businesses and individuals can purchase $10.00, $25.00 & $50 gift certificates redeemable at participating Chamber businesses.
    • When the recipient spends the gift certificate, the participating business brings the gift certificate to the Chamber to be redeemed.
    • The Chamber redeems the gift certificate minus a 5% fee for administration.
    • Only Chamber investors are eligible to participate in the program.


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    Office Depot-Business Services Division



    Our partnership with the National Chamber Program brings cost savings for you, our members!  Save on what you need to do business, while supporting your chamber.
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    • Members save up to 55% on 500+ items that chamber members purchase most often, including special discounts on ink and toner.
    • Free next day delivery on orders over $50, with the ability to shop instore or online
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    GTS - Group Transportation Services.  GTS is a one stop source for all of your transportation needs over 150lbs.  

    For more information about GTS click here

    Contact your GTS Chamber representative:
    Lisa O'Connor
    P: 330-342-8700 Ext. 233
    T: 800-689-6255